Tropical Tarantula Vivarium

This tropical tarantula vivarium was built for a Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) is a tropical arboreal tarantula from the island of Trinidad.  While most people keep tarantulas in small enclosures, I think they are the perfect exhibit animal for larger naturalistic vivariums.  Nothing like a tarantula for a conversation starter!  Anyways, for this I used the very first epoxy tree in this 37 gallon hex originally, but as my abilities progressed, I disliked the tree more and more. 
I switched from epoxy to a natural hardscape as well.  I used our exclusive American Chestnut stump vivarium wood.  I used a variety of medium, small, and extra small pieces of wood along with live soil as well as select tropical plants and mosses.  I still have to plant this a little more.  The gallery will be updated when I do that.
A small gallery of the build is below.

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