Thank you for visiting our online store. We are very happy you stopped by, and hope you enjoy browsing our products.  
Our goals are simple:

  • Premium Quality Products
  • Competitive Prices
  • Strive for Salvaged or Sustainable Products

One of the products we are releasing through this site include our salvaged American Chestnut Vivarium Wood.  This is a premium quality vivarium wood salvaged from the wine region of NY, the Finger Lakes. This wood is salvaged from old family land overlooking Keuka Lake. It has a rich history, amazing character, and a resiliency born with the wood, over 250 years ago.

In spring of 2018, we will be releasing premium quality products that feature the wine industry of the region.  Harvested from family & friend's vineyards:

  • Bagged grape leaves
  • Grape leaf soil mix
  • Grapevine (multiple sizes)
  • Grape root clusters

We also provide custom accents for any size need from vivariums and paludariums to zoological sized exhibits. We are also currently building a workshop to provide custom habitat building. Our pieces feature artisan woodworking on the exterior, with zoological quality lighting, drainage, and maintenance. Custom interiors specifically built to your needs. We utilize only premium quality products to create a complete ecosystem in our exhibits.

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